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AngelsOfHeart - Current Project

This project is for a non-profit whose mission is to help those who are forgotten. They focus on the homeless, the elderly, and children in El Salvador.

Angels Of Heart
Angels Of Heart Github Repository


The VolunteerTrack app is a convenient way for users to manage their volunteer time, mileage and monetary contributions to charitable organizations. The application utilizes ASP.NET, EntityFramework, C#, Razor, and AngularJS to achieve objectives. If you click on the link below, you can see my code in github.



Day$$Trader is a mobile-responsive app that allows the user to ask for the most recent market close price of a stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The user can mark and save queried stocks and also make and save notes for future reference. The app utilitzes HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Firebase, and has an API to get data from Financial database Quandl.


My Story

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I studied Chemical Technology in college and received an A.A.S. degree in Chemical Technology. While working full-time, I finished my B.S.B.A. degree, majoring in Finance. Through the years following graduation, I worked in accounting, supervisory, and management roles that I thoroughly enjoyed, although never working directly in finance. These positions enabled me to hone my supervisory and management skills.

When my eldest son was born, I decided to pursue off-shift employment to reduce day-care time. This led me to working as a Computer Operator. This was my first exposure in the workplace to computer programming. After a year and a half of working midnight shifts, I took a 12-year career hiatus during which I worked as a preschool teacher at a few local churches. During this time I also started an apparel business with a mall kiosk.

Once my youngest son was in middle school, I re-entered the workforce as a warehouse temp and quickly advanced to customer service and ultimately account management working on three separate e-commerce platforms for 18 different clients. Again I was exposed to computer programmers, but this time they were building webstores for clients. This led me to look into software bootcamps, and the school I chose, Nashville Software School. We completed a front-end and a back-end capstone so that we could work full stack development under the supervision of senior developers when we graduated.

I was able to secure my first software engineer position and enjoyed it, but the long daily commute (3 hours) was incompatible with my family's needs. So I took a break and have been managing a contractor who is working a major remodel of our homes. During this time, I have networked, attended conferences, (Agile, Security, etc.), and reviewed online training and worked on learning new languages. My focus is on C# .NET because that is my preferred language, but I am open to learning whatever is needed in my next position. ] One of my strengths is encouraging my co-workers and showing up optimistic and ready to learn.

Some of my favorite activities are playing cards and board games, crafting (card creation, scrapbooking and quilting), walking, and reading non-fiction. My passion is politics, so I read extensively about current events. I maintain a website as webmaster for a local charity, Angels of Heart. The mission is close to my heart.

Thank you for visiting my website! My contact information is on my resume which may be downloaded above, or simply email me at