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AngelsOfHeart - Current Project

This project is in two phases. Phase I is to get a landing page/placeholder set up at a domain for the non-profit. Phase II is building a Web API .NET application with database. Phase I is now complete, thanks to a great group of devs who refactored my frontend and Phase II is now in progress.

Angels Of Heart
Angels Of Heart Github Repository


The VolunteerTrack app is a convenient way for users to manage their volunteer time, mileage and monetary contributions to charitable organizations. The application utilizes ASP.NET, EntityFramework, C#, Razor, and AngularJS to achieve objectives. If you click on the link below, you can experience the application deployed on Azure.



Day$$Trader is a mobile-responsive app that allows the user to ask for the most recent market close price of a stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The user can mark and save queried stocks and also make and save notes for future reference. The app utilitzes HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Firebase, and has an API to get data from Financial database Quandl.


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I really enjoy learning and teaching others what I have learned. My interest in coding began when I was a Computer Operator in a Data Center at Emdeon. When I discovered the NSS boot camp, I was immediately interested in learning from professionals. Coding requires constant learning, so it satisfies my curiosity and need for knowledge. I love the inspiration and the satisfaction I get from constantly solving challenges.

I worked in a fulfillment center working my way up to managing e-Commerce as an Account Manager with many accounts in three short years. That position further deepened my interest in coding. I saw first-hand how integral developers are to a company's success.

The applications listed here are solo projects, but I enjoy working as part of a team, and did so on numerous projects during my year at Nashville Software School. My strategy and focus are toward functionality followed by style. I enjoy networking, learning and volunteering in this community, most recently at WITT, BarCamp2016, and Nodevember2016. Thank you for visiting my site!